A powerful and versatile synth capable of an almost endless supply of sounds. Five banks of waveforms cover it all – subtractive, FM, instrument modeling, chip sounds, granular, additive, and more! In total there are 519 waveforms generated by four oscillators with 3 filter options – this adds up to literally millions of audio recipes at your disposal. And WaveAssault comes well stocked with presets to get you going right away.

  • – 519 High Quality Single-Cycle Waveforms
  • – A full bank of instrument model waveforms. Not samples of instruments but waveforms that, when the right envelope and filter are applied, will mimick the instrument.
  • – 4 Oscillators – Sinc^8 Interpolated (Sample Based) with dedicated amplitude ADSRs
  • – Noise Generator
  • – 2 State Variable Filters (high, low, bandpass and reject) and 1 Moog style Low Pass Filter, all with dedicated modulation ADSRs and LFOs (synced to host tempo), and effect on/bypass.
  • – Warm Drive Distortion
  • – 3 Voice Stealing Modes for effective waveform looping in monophonic (with or without retrigger and glide functions activated) and polyphonic modes.
  • – Oversampling up to 32x
  • – Internal preset manager with 189 factory presets