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Free plugins and other new developments

In order to tackle the issue of piracy in the music software industry, I have decided to move to an ad-supported website and make all my plugins available for free. That being said, the day will come when I will start charging for serial numbers again. When that day comes, all current license holders will be granted lifetime licences under the new system. In the meantime, it would be very supportive to simply click on a few ads. Or you can send a donation using the buttons you find on the site. Thank you!

I have also updated all the synths to version 1.2.

I removed the reg system for now, which will decrease load time, CPU usage, and will eliminate some reported crash-on-load occurrences.

I also removed some CPU heavy chorus and delay effects for a more streamlined user experience. It is now up to the user to use the effect rack in their DAW, which lends itself to better sound design.